Friday, July 25, 2008

What is AWAU all about

Hi !

Everyday we are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements all around us. The AD WORLD AROUND US tend to create a world of fantasy if we are to believe them.

You may live without microbes contaminating your toilets, floors and body leave alone the drinking water.

You may grow a lustrous long hair using a XXXX Hair Oil and make it 'dand druf proof ' using YYYY protein shampoo finally to sacrifice it in a famed ZZZZ Beauty Clinic !!

We can save labour and drudgery using a washing machine, a dish washer and a vacuum cleaner to save time to visit a premiere Health Club. There we may burn the calories that tend to bother us as informed by the doctor in a white coat in an AD -between the time breaks of a mega serial !

The list would be endless. My intention is to share with my readers the reactions I feel about any advertisement as a common person with its Plus & Minus points, aesthetics in execution and above all the correctness of information to the best of my ability.

The intention is to critically view the ADs that appear in different media and get the Reader's viewpoint to see where the convergence lies.

Incidentally I may share any interesting news on "mis-adventures" of people who become victims of hyped claims for a wider awareness as case studies.