Thursday, August 7, 2008

Voice of India: AD that fails to impress

The very name reminds you the punch line of Amul's 'the taste of india'. Granted that it is not a punch phrase but meant as the " name' of a dedicated Channel for News in Hindi.
Take a look at the print Ad which wants to convey that the Channel's commitment for only True News and No "gas", a colloquial usage for rumor or imaginative stories. The copy in Hindi sounds alright ; "baaki brahm, hum khabar hai"

The visual is ridiculous, picturing a flue gas stream to give a figurative meaning for flatulence (or gas ?).
Nor, there are any picture of industrial activity in the background to claim an incidental super impositioning of the case that lends itself for mis interpretation in a lighter vein.
All we get to see is only fence posts and green meadow !
My response to this Ad: Poor execution, fails to make any sense.


Archet said...

You are right..this ad is nonsense.