Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nature has its own way.....

The advertisement in reference has an intriguing copy "nature has its own ways of telling you to shut up and sit down"

I could think of different interpretations for it :)

1) shut up your troubling mind and get immersed in the beauty around

2) your aching legs tells you to sit down, but the shoes are ready to take you anywhere

3) tell your,unseen,fiancee to stop her 'blah blah' and enjoy Nature

Coming to the visual part, the reflection in water could have been in focus and a little more colorful to imply something marvelous, being enjoyed by the trekker.

The picture depicts an unused, new pair of shoes. It would have been more realistic had it carried some dirt and soil on it to symbolize that it had tread an untreaded path in its exploration.

After all, the punch line is 'Explore More'

The advertisement has a good copy but fell short of capturing its full spirit in visuals. Nevertheless it catches your eye without fail.


Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting blog. Every day we are bombarded with so many advertisements, and to be able to interpret and dissect them is wonderful. Agreed with all of your interpretations on this one, except No. 3!!!! :-)


Thanks eksparsh.

Disagreement is accepted in full :) The idea is stimulate thinking in different angles. Thanks that you liked the blog. Visit again.