Friday, May 20, 2016

Solar Energy and Electric Vehicles

It is quite sometime I wrote in this blog. The main reason is, now a days for some reason, I am reluctant to make critical comments about other's creativity. Creativity is a thing of evolution.

For every original creation there may be ten pseudo creations, akin to trend in movies or music. The originals survive the test of time. Some creations are ahead of time only to be recognized several years later like 'barcode'  inventions

However sharing our views and concern regarding what is happening around us need not stop. Hence I decided to share things -though they are not blog specific - with one and all.

In this issue I wish to share the power point presentation I made regarding electric vehicles which are environmental friendly. The summer temperatures of Bangalore  touching 39 degree Celsius is hitherto unheard of.

The obvious reason is increase in traffic on roads emitting smoke and heat. Not only Bangalore all towns and cities face a similar situation.  The picture shows the news item how two wheelers dominate the Indian roads.

Any true solution can emerge only if we understand the root cause of the problem. The pollution caused by vehicles on Indian roads  is mainly from  scooters and motor cycles,

Please go through the following presentation and  inform what comes to your mind. Your feedback will be valuable for other readers also.