Tuesday, January 3, 2017

BHIM vis a vis the Prepaid Cards

Since yesterday I have been trying to configure my BHIM app  in my Calling Lenovo tablet but all in vain.

Though claimed to be simple in operation with simple one line UPI address for cashless transaction my experience has not been satisfactory. I am suppose to receive an OTP which will enable to generate  6 digit UPI PIN.  However I was repeatedly getting Error after  following the procedure of enetering last six digits of my DEBIT/ATM card and its expiry date.

It was falling in to a loop of asking for Debit card digits and showing error in OTP generation. suddenly I received 3 OTPs  all having 10 minutes validity. I entered the latest one and when it came to  UPI-PIN confirmation it once again said 'error ' in accessing bank.

I went to user's review in Google play and was pleased to know that I was not alone and many others have had various other problems.  I am sure it is because of the different models and hardware compatibility things are not that easy and it will take time remove the bugs or it will have natural disinclination from both user and vendor point of view with very limited usage.

Compare this complex process with simple Prepaid Swipe Cards where there is no need for mobile phone ( and hence no model dependent technology upgradation). It is far more easier to configure at the Banks or Post offices with equipments of standard features and network. Only GPRS based POS machines with the vendor enables completes cashless transaction.

Moreover suppose one wants to give children in college or school hostels ( where cell phones are not allowed)  some pocket money the prepaid cards are safe. Aged persons or ladies travelling alone carrying substantial cash in the form of Prepaid Card are more secure against fear of theft or loss by absent mindedness. 

Any technology can become successful only when it is user-friendly. By eliminating the bank-account linking of customer for every transaction (by not employing a phone)  the need for data transfer comes down in the internet highway. This alone may save substantial cost for the banks in making the process feasible  for Prepaid Cards.

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