Friday, November 3, 2017

Aadhar link to Mobile through OTP

In my last Post  I had expressed severe reservation of failure of biometric recognition in Aadhar. Now it is well confirmed that UIDAI  has come down to relax the requirement to OTP confirmation for linking the cell phone. No need to visit the store or biometry as per the latest notification. It is messaged through their twitter handle

Why Decemebr 1st ?  Why not with immediate effect ?  May be some technical glitch to set right!

How many SIM cards can be linked with one Aadhar card?

However the basic question which I raised remains " what is the purpose of biometry if it is going to fail in important  identifications or implementation?  How to make it more reliable and fail-safe ? These are the questions UIDAI ask themselves to offer better service to the nation.