Tuesday, April 17, 2018

No licence for Charging Stations. What about GST ?

Two years back I wrote in this blog regarding technical as well commercial feasibility of  Solar Charging Stations.

Good news is that now the government has come out with clarification that such Charging Stations do not require any licence.

Ordering 10000 EV cars do not promote usage of electric vehicles.

As pointed out in the presentation, the government should concentrate on promoting  EV two wheelers  with easy charging facility.  It is the two wheeler population causing maximum drain on the petroleum exchequer.

It is not going to be easy to surmount the lobby of present two wheeler manufacturers as well as Oil companies  who stand to lose their business. 

How long will it take ?  Do not know;  we can go on creating confusion statutory requirements like 
safety of installation,  GST for selling electricity etc giving a long rope for the lobbying segments to give excuses for delaying the implementation.

Do not be surprised if it takes another five years with the speed with which Govt works :))

The sad part is our industrialists are not adapting to  technological changes owing to the fear  of unfavourable ROI ( return on investment).

Hence a plan for smooth transition should be worked out. Otherwise, one day a disruptive strategy will be put forth by somebody -like Jio 4G- others would fall in line.