Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Inching towards EV infrastructure Policy

Today's news item confirms that some thinking is going on with the government machinery about installing charging stations for electric vehicles.

Almost two years back we had pointed out in our slide presentation that how the charging stations can be installed in all parking lots of colleges, rail and bus stations, malls etc.

It was also pointed out that with the smart apps and prepaid charging systems one can develop real time billing for the power consumed by the charging duration. Be it half an hour or three hours the appropriate amount is calculated and deducted from one's subscription.

Those who have not viewed the full presentation can view it here.

Solar Charging Stations from Kabeeranban

In this blog we keep reiterating unless the petrol based two wheelers  are replaced ( in big cities) neither pollution will go down nor the burden on exchequer will reduce.

The petrol based two wheelers are causing more harm whichever way  one looks at for country's economy and environment.