Friday, February 8, 2019

Twitter and WhatsApp- need for monitoring

I have a twitter account since 2009. Seldom I used it but for announcing  my new blogs whenever I posted one. I did not take active interest as it looked a very murky world ( even now it is) and limited space to express anything useful.

We can interact with anyone and everyone, known or unknown, a celebrity or common man we may get instant response.Though I was aware of it, I could not pay attention as I had better things to do earlier.

But now that I have lesser things to do my attention turned to twitter and social media. I felt these were better than noisy meaningless TV debates  fighting for TRP rating

My experience in the last four or five months did not alter my earlier views. It is still a murky place lot more than what I had imagined. If you try to follow the threads you get lost like in the bylanes of a metro city.

The amount of misinformation or rumour and the speed with which it can spread is much much faster than TV media or Print media. Many people retweet  without thinking or verifying the facts. Then there is hashtag (#)  to classify or categorize your message. There is lot more to know...

Meanwhile the Parliamentary Committee has called for a discussion with Twitter Official to  control and prevent wrong usage of the twitter handle. This scheduled for Feb 11th 2019.  I have sent my suggestions through a tweet.

  In case WhatsApp the  problem is different.  There in the name of protecting privacy of individuals  they claim everything is encrypted. They cannot dig information to report origin of the news or how the message got spread. In short there is no traceability. This will make the investigation process very difficult in case of any legal cases arise based on Whatsaap ( click on the figure to read the news item and the suggestion)

As these social media platforms are still evolving it should not be difficult  to incorporate necessary change.

It is very important that false messages and provoking or instigating messages should be  made punishable, both in Twitter and WhatAapp.  The netizens must learn to use them as fire. Negligence or lack of vigil may create a law & order problem  anywhere in the country any time