Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I hate ugly

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Can we add a corollary " ............so do ugly "

I am a naivete vis a vis the fashion world. May be it is a reason why I am unable to appreciate the recent Ad by the Allen Solly.

The visual carries a bold message 'I hate ugly' and the copy says
"who says I have to like things the way they are ? What doesn't look good to me, I change"

The self assertion of the girl implies to convey that

'if a particular attire is not to my liking, I have the liberty to choose what I wear; (and in this context) Allen Solly provides the new range of casuals'

.....the message is terribly off the mark both in the visual and the Copy.

Why ?

The popular adage is "Eat for yourself and Dress for others".

When it comes to attire what I like need not look good on me. This is true for most of us irrespective of age or sex.

Thus the self assertion of the girl hardly matters to others. If she chooses to dress in a particular way it is her choice. It is for others to say whether it suits her or not. Here self assertion does not take her to any new heights.

A half page Ad in a Sunday Special edition, sans Allen Solly's Logo, seem to deliberately made out as an eye catcher. But then there are plenty of ways to catch the eye, why an Ad like this !!

I hate Ugly
Post script :

"who says I have to like things the way they are ?

We don't know . Is it your mom Dad or brother, any uncle, aunt or teacher ?

What doesn't look good to me, I change

By all means please do as long as it is your property and you don't trespass in to someone else's territory.