Monday, October 26, 2009

Cruze:is it running or stationary?

It is always intriguing whether the creator of an Ad is able to successfully communicate what is desired.

There is a general belief that it is enough to influence the target audience, the decision makers. For example if I don't belong to the target audience it does not matter whether I understand the communication or not. To an extent it is acceptable.

A recent example of this I could see in the advertisement of Chevrolet's Cruze.

(If needed click on the image to see an enlarged picture)

What I could understand : RESPECT ! is what Cruze would 'command' Big and Bold.

1) It is the largest car with the most powerful engine in its class. Push button start - fully understood

2) 150 PS 2.0L VCDi diesel engine - 2000 cc diesel engine, okay; what is 150 PS ? some one has to explain me

3) Corvette inspired twin -cockpit - Blank :((

4) 5 star ANCAP safety rating - some better safety standard has been incorporated. What is ANCAP ?

An auto-buff may find it more interesting than a commoner like me. No harm. I still perceive it as a new model, high end car.

However there are certain aspects, like visuals, which anyone can see and appreciate the way it compliments the theme of the advertisement.

In Chevy's case there seem to be some laxity in the post-shooting Art Work

The front tyre shown gives the impression that Cruze is coming to a halt after a cruise. 'Halt' because it is indoors. There is some motion still, felt by the viewer as the wheel-hub is quite shaky and no clear focus like a moving object. However the bumper betrays the fact that all along it was only a stationary car. Any one can see the reflection of the grill-work on it bar by bar under excellent focus !! The rear wheel too very clearly indicates the stationary status of the car. Where was the need to give a motion effect to the front wheel?

Such a great car is parked in an exhibition hall (that is my guess ) and photographed from an angle as if there was no room to stand and shoot ?

To me the visual does not adequately supplement the greatness of most powerful car 'Cruze'.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

you observe a lot. Good..
ANCAP is a kind of crash test...

This car is not a drivers car like Skoda... priced very attractively though


Thanks Shrinidhi for the visit and the clarification about ANCAP.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kabeer, your take on ads is really very interesting. It has been a while. Hope all is fine and you post often!



I do wish to post often; thanks for the compliments.