Sunday, September 12, 2010

Listen to Nature

Once again an advertisement from Woodland caught my eyes.

The purpose of such a wild imagination of positioning a pair of slippers on both ears seem to be exactly that, ie "catch the attention".

Other than that it hardly serves any purpose. :(

Yes, people are inclined to consider anything 'Natural' as a welcome concept and that too if a slipper or shoe made of natural fibres would enjoy a priority. The copy "Listen to Nature" is also fine in that respect.

Take a look at the expression of the model.

He seem to be worried or at best lost in a world of his own, certainly not the one who seem to enjoy anything. There is no spark in his eyes.

May be a mobile company showing two of its cell-phone models or an audio equipment manufacturer with their speakers in a similar fashion- sticking to the ears- could have been more acceptable to me.

Is this the only way or best way to depict "Listen to Nature"?

I tried to figure out if I were to present the same concept what would have I done? In other words stepping in to the other man's shoes :)))

The result is what you see below (please bear with me for my lack of ability in graphics.)

The silhouette of a person amidst man-made concrete jungle yet constantly in touch with Nature, the comfort of the shoes radiating through upwards. The comfort of nature is heard in every step. The back drop visual can be a office complex or a busy mall in a slightly blurred but the shoes in good focus. The copy makes a prominent claim on natural fibre.

What is your take ?