Monday, August 12, 2013

AIR INDIA -RESERVATION BUG -Eats Senior Citizen's Pockets

Today I am not discussing any advertisement.
I just want to point out the bug in AIR INDIA' 's online reservation system.

Look at the following two images which are screen shots I took when I wanted to book two tickets for senior citizens

Generally depending on dates I used to come across fare rates of  Rs 9000-12000 on a Return booking. When I saw a fare Rs 35360 for one way - 2 senior citizens, I had a shock.

 [click on the images for larger view]
senior citizens who are supposed to get some  concessions are expected to pay 4 times higher than the normal Adults !!!!

The above image shows fare as Rs 8958 for the same destination, same flights on same date.
one way ticet for 2 Adults.
Will someone look in to it ?