Friday, July 19, 2019

Why not put an end to this political rigmarole?

It is shameful to watch the behaviour of elected members of Karnataka state assembly with the recent crisis blowing up. It is no surprise that the coalition government cannot last as it was formed by the parties rejected by people.  I had outlined this as soon as the election results  were out leading to hung assembly.
Look at today the tug of war going on !!

Now, after barely 14 months later, 14 members from the supporting party have resigned from the party  due to dissatisfaction on account of "non performance".

Initially the CM tried to blame BJP of horse trading.  They had strongly refuted the allegation and said it is internal squabble between JDS and Congress.

What could be the squabble about?

     My guess is that the EMI ( hope you understand) has not been paid as per agreement and the MLAs getting a fear that they had been taken for granted. When demand is raised both party bigwigs  look the other way. "A pig that has two masters is bound to die of starvation" 

    Naturally when the promises have not been kept it generates contempt and acrimony. These are all undercurrents and common man like us never come to know the size of the deal nor the true culprits.
If the media members get to know also they may not reveal either because of friendship with the political clout or of fear.

The Chief minister has ignored the governor's recommendation to face the 'floor test' to  win the motion of confidence twice . Obviously he realizes that is not going to be possible.

  The strategy of JDs & Congress today is to force the President to dismiss the government  and cry victimisation by BJP  ( I am writing this as the drama is still in progress & the out come is yet to unfold)

To what level the so called 'leaders' can stoop !!

   We need to amend  the constitution whereby numbers ( or majority) are not important.  It must enable the largest political party to form the government whether it enjoys majority or not. They should be allowed to work for a period of minimum three years without fear of 'no confidence' in the assembly floor. For more details please see my earlier post on Election reforms.

    A skeptic may say ' you get the government you deserve'. To a great extent it may be true. That cannot be the reason to remain as a passive witness to looting of tax payers money by a few politicians.

   If the system need to be corrected it should be, especially when the required strength is there with the central government to make the corrective action.

Update as on 23/07/2019 on the political crisis in Karnataka

After  prolonged sessions for two days with very boring rhetoric by the most of the treasury bench speakers finally the speaker of the assembly, Shri Ramesh Kumar, decided to conduct the voting on no-confidence motion. The result was well known even before voting started. The coalition government fell by receiving  99 to 105 votes against it.

It is to be seen that how many more comic situations may come up before next government is formed. Till then the media world will have plenty of news alias rumors and gossips in the name of discussions.  Jai Kar-nataka, Jai Bharat !!!!