Sunday, October 6, 2019

Why BHIM is weak ?

The UPI's  proud - a feather in the cap- app BHIM has been weak and ailing for some time. There has been frequent failures of ...a) failures of transaction b) frequent time-outs and now finally a failure to register.

It is to note that irrespective of number of times uninstalled and reinstalled this failure is constant.

Then you go through the comments box. Most of the negative remarks are of recent origin.

When I tried to send a complaint I received an automated mail saying   UPI has permanently closed the response to contact mail id.

What a pathetic situation!.

An app that worked very well for nearly two years suddenly failing means ...don't you feel something fishy.

Hope people like PAYTM and Goole Pay are not part of this foul game to cause disrepute to BHIM and influence  consumers to their fold.

It is not believable that a country full of smart software professionals could not fix a small bug which is causing a loss of brand image

Can't they change the contact Mail ID in the App's update version?



A communication received from UPI to install a recent version 1.7 of BHIM App which after installation found to be satisfactory. It is able to track my old transactions also. The version 1.7 was updated Oct 19 2019